Beautiful Handmade Wooden Pendulums for Dowsing and Divination

Wooden Pendulums for Dowsing and Divination

I use a wide range of woods for my pendulums, and they are all individually photographed - so you will receive exactly the pendulum in the picture! Perfect for all forms of divination, dowsing, healing or radionics. Chains on the pendulums will be about 16Cm / 6.5" long and will have a "tree of life" chain end that looks nice and them easier to hold. Where string is used, it is always silk string. All pendulums come with a small gold satin bag. If you are looking for beechwood pendulums, I have a page dedicated entirely to this wood - just click here.

All my pendulums on this site are guaranteed perfect - that means that if you buy one and don't agree, I will refund you and you can keep the pendulums. No questions asked.

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Hand Made

Made in England
Posts from Texas US

Guaranteed Perfect

Finished to the highest quality
Full refund if you don't agree

100% Natural Finish

High gloss natural wax and shellac
No plastics, no varnishes, no glues



Update 6th November: Low on stock at the moment, very sorry! Should have more available on the site in a week or two. Please check back again if you don't see anything you like, or get in touch with me on the contact form and I can make something custom for you.

Lilac Pendulums

Lilac is a small ornamental tree that can often be found in gardens and produces beautiful and fragrant flowers early in spring. It features in Greek mythology when Pan fell in love with a beautiful nymph named Syrinx, a follower of Artemis. Pan tried to talk with her but she was afraid and ran away. When Pan pursued her she turned into a water reed with hollow stems, which was supposed to be the lilac tree and gives us the botanical name for the plant genus – Syringa. The hollow stems led to Pan Pipes. A little confusing as lilac is a not a water reed and doesn't have hollow branches, even though Syrinx means "pipe", but that's ancient mythology for you! The wood is associated with love. Apart from the above story this may be related to the scent, which is said to have been considered magical by the Celts, or the flowers, which bloom early in the spring, or even the colour of the heartwood, which is purple brown with streaks of pink/purple. When worked, the wood gives off a similar scent to the flowers - I love it! The sapwood is a pale straw colour, and one reason I like to make dowsing pendulums in lilac is so that I can feature both colours in the finished piece. The wood is so dense it will only just float in water and it is extremely rare to see anyone using it in woodwork. My stock comes from on site at the Findhorn Foundation spiritual ecovillage where I used to live and work.

Olive Pendulums

Another wood that makes for beautiful dowsing pendulums and is featured in Greek mythology. The “olive branch” has been a universally recognised symbol of peace since at least the time of the Greeks, while the tree is associated with Athena, who embodies wisdom, courage and purity.

Yew Pendulums

Yew trees are the oldest of trees in Europe, and possibly the oldest of all living things in the region. Nobody is quite sure how old the eldest of yew trees are, as the trunks tends to rot from the inside as they grow out, leaving huge hollow caves you can easily lie down in. However the oldest are thought to be between an incredible 2500 and 3000 years old. Because of their ancient nature they were associated with immortality, which may be why they were often planted in Christian churchyards. In Druid law they were considered to be one of the magical woods and were especially sacred to the Irish druids. A popular wood for dowsing, it has a red brown heartwood and a pale cream sapwood. I like to make yew pendulums out of small branches or even stray roots of just the right size, so the lighter colour wraps around the widest part of the pendulum.


Oak Pendulums

A popular wood for dowsing, oak is one of the most long lived of European hardwoods, second only to yew. An old saying for oak is "300 years growing, 300 years living, 300 years dying" - although some trees are thought to outlast even this. Oak trees were considered by the Druids to be the Kings of the forest, and one of the most magical of trees. In Roman times the Britons worshipping Daron, Goddess of the oak tree, and in Celtic faery lore the oak is again seen as the most holy of trees. My own stock is local to the south of the UK, where I live, and is either sessile or English oak (almost impossible to tell the two apart). The wood itself is moderately dense compared with other hardwoods, and a feature of this oak is that you will see pronounced streaks running vertically upwards through the wood. These are called “medullary rays” and each one is a single cell, whose job it is to transport water and nutrients between the centre and outside of the tree.

Ash Pendulums

Ash is another tree that was sacred and magical to the ancient Druids, and was associated both with healing and protection. The ash wood I like to use has a mixture of colours running through it in streaks, and is often called "olive ash".

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