Past Reviews

This is just a small sample of the 100+ reviews on my Etsy shop, which is mostly used by non-USA customers. So far, not a single one less than 5 stars!

"Absolutely beautiful. Rob could not have been more helpful. After finding the style I wanted and seeing that there weren’t any available, I enquired with Rob and he kindly made my pendulum to order, even giving me the opportunity to pick my favourite out of two. The promptness of his communication was excellent and puts me to shame over how long I’ve taken to post this well deserved review! A highly recommended seller. Thank you!"

"Beautifully made! Shipped super quickly! Very pleased with the pendulum!"

"Very nicely done 🙂 Fab craftsmanship...really impressed. Glad to be back for another purchase. Thanks!"

"Exceptional quality and design!"

"Perfect! Immediate shipping and communication. Excellent craftsmanship! Thrilled w my new pendulum. Thank you!"

"I absolutely love my lilac pendulum. Rob was amazing to work with and did a beautiful job on my custom order. You can see and feel the attention to detail and I would definitely recommend purchasing from Findhorn Woodwork." (note: Findhorn Woodwork is the name of my Etsy shop)

"This far exceeded my expectations. Beautifully finished lovely item and it arrived really fast too!"

"I have ordered two pendulums and both have been really beautiful. I am proud to use these on my clients. Thank you."

"I loved this pendulum so much that I bought two more! Connected to my energy instantly and dramatically, and that has never happened to me before ( i was almost about to give up on pendulums, before i made this purchase). The seller is like Mr. Ollivander from the Harry Potter universe..but instead of wand making its pendulum making. He really cares for his craft. The craftsmanship is amazing and I've never seen anything like this at any of the metaphysical shops I've visited. Sometimes I don't even use the pendulum, I just take it out to admire it and it cheers me up instantly. I think there is to some truth to the idea that padauk wood has some light channeling abilities."

"Such a beautifully crafted pendulum - perfectly balanced - a real pleasure to use. Wonderful seller to deal with."

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