43mm / 1.7″ Mystery Wood Dowsing Pendulum

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Length: 43mm / 1.7″ – Uniquely Photographed (you will receive exactly the pendulum in the picture)

Note this pendulum had a tiny crack in the wood, seen as a small black line in the first pic – I’ll closed it up and the surface is totally smooth now, but it is visible! I don’t think it looks bad, just pointing it out.

I was given this wood years ago by an older woodworker leaving the country as a part of his “exotic wood offcuts” box. He couldn’t tell me what this piece was however, only that he acquired it as an offcut from a wood laminates factory! So unfortunately it must remain a mystery.

Gold plated chain about 17.5 cm / 7″ long, with “tree of life” chain end (see picture), comes with a free small gold satin bag. Finished with a shiny and smooth natural shellac / wax mix.