45mm / 1 3/4″ Lilac Wood Dowsing Pendulum with Silk Thread

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Length: 45mm / 1 3/4″ – Uniquely Photographed (you will receive exactly the pendulum in the picture)

Lilac dowsing pendulum with silk string, the two tones of wood are totally natural with the purple brown colour being the heartwood, and the lighter straw colour being the sapwood.

Lilac is a small flowering tree that can be found in a lot of ornamental gardens, the wood for this pendulum was given to my by the gardening team of the Findhorn Foundation spiritual ecovillage where I used to live and work, and comes from on site. As a timber it is extremely dense and hard, and smells lovely when being worked!

Hung with a length of light brown silk string about 19cm / 7.5″ long, and comes with a small Indian made carrying pouch. Contains no metal inserts, glues, varnishes, or anything else artificial. Finished with a couple of coats of a wax / shellac blend, all natural ingredients.