Budget 1″x1.5″ Beech


Budget 1.5″ x 1″ Beechwood Pendulum for Brennan Healers

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Budget 1″x1.5″ Beechwood Pendulum for Brennan healers. Made in India and completed in England, finished with natural tung oil. Gold plated chain about 16Cm / 6.5″ long with a little gold “tree of life” chain end added to the end.

Dimensions will vary a little, from 1.5″ to 1.6″ (38mm to 41mm) for length. May contain sanding or tooling marks and more shape variation than the slightly more expensive beech pendulums listed in “Classic Shapes” – see product gallery for examples. Mostly these imperfections are slight and probably wont bother most users, but I like to be totally honest! Shaped initially by my friend Anand and his father near Auroville, India, then checked and completed by myself here in the UK (final sanding, adding chain, oiling etc). Tung oil is like linseed oil only higher quality, and is one of the main ingredients in Danish oil. It penetrates the wood, leaving it with a matt finish and a texture closer to the wood in feel. As with all my other products, I will never use artificial varnishes or lacquers.

If you want to replace it with string, the chain is held in place with a small split pin that can be easily opened up with fingernails or jewellery pliers. One of two different shapes I do for Brennan school healers, as there is a little ambiguity about which shape Brennan was referring to in her book “Hands of Light”. She talks about a “pear shape” but the picture on the next page is more of an upturned egg – this pendulum was more designed with the pear in mind! At the end of the day however, either shape will be totally suitable for practising with, I recommend going with whatever feels best to you.