Classic 1″x1.5″ Beech


1.5″ x 1″ Beechwood Pendulum perfect for Barbara Brennan healers

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Highest Quality 1″x1.5″ Beechwood Pendulum for Brennan healers. Made in England, guaranteed free of artificial glues, finished with natural shellac and wax.

Comes with a free little satin bag and a “tree of life” charm on the other end of the chain, as shown. Apart from looking nice, this makes the end of the chain easier to hold. The chain is gold plated and will be about 16cm long. If you want to replace it with string, the chain is held in place with a small split pin that can be easily opened up with fingernails or jewellery pliers. The split pin connects on the other side to a threaded eye pin that is screwed into the wood, so no glue is used in the pendulum.

The pendulum you will receive will not be the exact one above, but one very similar! Some slight variation will exist in the dimensions, so length will actually be anywhere from 1.4″ to 1.55″.