Beechwood with Silk String


Length: approx 45 to 48mm or 1 3/4 to 1 7/8″

Beechwood Pendulum made in England, free from metal, glue, or any other artificial additives! Fitted with black silk string, comes with a small pouch made in India using a variety of local fabrics.

In stock


Totally natural Beechwood Pendulum – supplied with silk string that is easy to swap out, finished with shellac and wax.

Height: about 46mm-49mm or 1 3/4-1 7/8″ long.

I created this design so that people could have a pendulum with no metal in it and containing no glue. There is a small knot that holds the string in place, if you want to swap out the string then just use a thin object to poke into the hole and push the knot out the other side.

You will not receive the exact pendulum in this picture, but one very like it! As all of my pendulums are lovingly hand made, there will be some slight variation in size and shape.