Beechwood with Black Lines


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Beech Pendulum about 35 to 40mm or 1 3/8″ to 1 9/16″ long. You will not recieve the eact pendulum in this picture, but one very like it! The two black lines that run around the top are added while the pendulums is still being formed on the wood lathe, I simple hold a piece of copper wire against the wood and let the spin of the pendulum heat the wire up until it creates a black burn line in the wood.

Made by myself in the UK and finished with a smooth shellax/wax blend. Comes with a free little satin bag and a “tree of life”charm on the other end of the chain, as shown. Apart from looking nice, this makes the end of the chain easier to hold. The chain is “antique bronze” coloured and will be about 16cm long. If you want to replace it with string, the chain is held in place with a small split pin that is relatively easy to open up.