Postage, Payments, Returns, Bulk Discounts


All pendulums are posted from the US via USPS.

I have just started using a fulfilment centre in Texas USA - this is a company who hold and post out my pendulums for me. I have moved to this system since the majority of my customers are in the USA, and it means I wont have to close my shop down when I go on holiday in the future! All pendulums are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard before I send them to Texas, so there is no chance of damage / scratching at any point while in transit. 

Postage costs

Non-USA/Canada Customers please click here for options to buy pendulums and have them posted cheaper from the UK!

These are flat rates and will not vary irrespective of the size of your order, however bear in mind the values listed for currencies other than UK £ Pound Sterling are estimates that will fluctuate with exchange rates (I run my shop in £ on the back end). Outside of US or Canada postage is a flat rate for all other countries, see below.

Postage Time to Delivery

Because I have only just moved delivery to the fulfilment center, I am not sure about postage times yet. Initial guesstimates would be to the USA should be just a few days, to the EU, UK or Australia 1-2 weeks.

Don't even ask about Christmas, just order well in advance!


  • Paypay is the best known payment gateway, and can be used in over 200 countries. You can either checkout with your Paypal account or use a credit/debit card.
  • Stripe is a dedicated credit / debit card gateway with more currency options that Paypal. Use this option if you are unsure about whether Paypal will support your currency.
  • Bitcoin / Litecoin / Dash are all cryptocurrencies, which makes them inherently awesome and very welcome payment methods!

Bulk Discount

Discounts are applied automatically based on the number of pendulums bought, based on the following:

  • Buy 5 or more - 5% discount
  • Buy 10 or more - 10% discount


Returns generally accepted within 90 days of postage if the items are in the same condition as when they were sent out. Conditions below:

  • If the return is the result of damage in the post (never happened yet!) or some other defect, then I will pay the return postage.
  • If the return is the result of the buyer simply changing their mind, or deciding they don't like their purchase after receiving, then I reserve the right not to pay for return postage, as this would then be a service that has been received.
  • If the item is damaged by the user, then I might accept a return with a partial refund given after inspection, at my discretion.