Pendulum Dowsing Tips and Tricks

Pendulum Dowsing Tips and Tricks

In this article I'll discuss 8 tips to improve your ability to dowse with a pendulum. It is intended for people who have already mastered the basics, if you are unsure of these then please check my first article on how to use a pendulum. Here we will start with some basic but important principles, before going into more depth on the subject matter. So lets get started...

  1. Perhaps most importantly, be specific! So for instance, in my article on how to use a pendulum, I used the example question of whether changing job would be good for someone's career. I did not give the example "would it be a good idea to change job" - as this is too ambiguous. A good idea on what level? It could be great for that persons career but terrible for their family life. The more specific you can be with your question, the better.
  2. Be careful to watch yourself. When dowsing, it is all too easy to let our conscious desires influence the swing. Always be guarded for this. Place yourself instead in a calm, neutral, unbiased state of mind.
  3. Ideally use a pendulum that is special to you. In my shop on this site, I try and make my wooden pendulums more like art. Although you can certainly use a random pebble you find lying around and glue a piece of string to it, bear in mind we are plumbing the depths of the unconscious mind here. The unconscious is deeply associative in its "thinking", so for best results choose a pendulum that associates for you as an appropriate tool. This could even extend to saying a prayer and blessing the pendulum before each session, or keeping multiple pendulums for different purposes. There are also functional energetic aspects to consider when using a pendulum - for instance, Barbara Brennan recommends a particular shape of beechwood pendulum for healing, due to its energy neutrality and symmetry.
  4. If you start to get lots of unexpected answers to questions, a good tip can be to occasionally check the yes/no/unknown responses. I had an old friend who visited a crystal shop in Glastonbury UK where they had an enormous quartz crystal on display. He told me that after the visit, his yes/no/unknown pendulum responses changed completely! And after speaking with the shop assistants a couple of days later, he found out that he was not the first to have such an experience after communing with this giant crystal.
  5. If you are looking for a direction, remember that the pendulum swings both ways. Once when I was much younger, I tried to locate a silver ring I had lost, and was followed the direction that was pointing out in front of me - expecting that to be the correct direction. I didn't even consider it could be pointing backwards.
  6. Keep your cool, don't get emotional. In the above example I became increasingly frustrated as the directions didn't seem to make sense, and as a result I "broke" my ability to use the pendulum for a number of years. The use of pendulums is cumulative - the more you do it, the better you get at it. This is partly associative, and partly something that builds up as you gain confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities. But it can also be broken - so don't let your emotions get the better of you, as I did. This belief building is critical - in the same way that the more you use e.g. affirmations, the more you see the positive results such techniques create, the more you believe in the process and so it feeds on itself. This is manifestation and opening of the psychic barriers in action.
  7. If you are asking difficult questions that need a high degree of psychic awareness to answer, like divining the future, your capacity for answers may vary. This may be partly natural ability, partly self belief or even blocking from your higher self, but it is also dependant on the state of the energy body. I have seen and even done semi-scientific tests that confirm this effect in my own life. The energy body has natural energy reserves which are held in three different storage centresĀ  - the best known being in the hara. Once this is full then energy overflows to the storage centre at the heart, and then to one associated with the brow. Once reserves reach a certain level then the "spare" energy can be used on higher functions e.g. psychic type abilities. So bear this in mind - if you want to check what foods you body reacts best to, you may get more accurate answers than trying to predict lottery numbers! Unless that is, you have great natural avility, can achieve a highly empowered and connected state of consciousness, with deep energy reserves, absolute self-belief based on real personal experience and consent from your higher self - good luck with that! If you want to learn more about how to work with the energy body, I highly recommend a book by my first spiritual teacher, an Aussie mystic by the name of Robert Bruce. It is called Energy Work, click the link to check it out on

  8. Finally, if trying to use a pendulum for divination, i.e. to predict future events, then bear in mind that there can be a great deal of fuzziness involved and that things only get fuzzier the further out we look. It seems that future events are imprinted / seen / translated as using the language of metaphorical imagery. This is because the further we go from the physical, the closer we get to source consciousness, and reality is expressed more in the language of consciousness than in the deterministic mathematics of the physical world. As such, simple yes no answers might not be sufficient for the question! Probabilistic answers would be best. For a good example of this metaphorical imagery I'm going to reference Robert Bruce again and his groundbreaking book Astral Dynamics. In this he gives an example of visiting the akashic records to look into the future, and entering visions with the grim reaper holding the baying "dogs of war" on a leash, then a bunch of more specific shifting scenes that he was only later able to identify as directly predicting the first Gulf War. Again, this is a truly excellent book, click here to check it out on The pendulum can certainly be used to narrow down this fuzziness, for instance in the above example Bruce could have asked questions like "does this mean there will probably be war?", and then tried to narrow down the location, while checking probabilities for instance with a dowsing chart. None of these things however will be able to eliminate the uncertainties involved - only, perhaps, to quantify them.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and tricks for pendulum dowsing, if you have any comments or suggestions the please either leave a comment below or send me a message via the contact form! And if you want to check out my work, head to my home page to see the sort of pendulums I create.

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