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My Etsy Shop will Post from the UK

Although non-USA / Canada customers are very welcome to buy from this site, if you want your pendulum to be posted from the UK then please read on...

Short Version: Buying from Etsy will be faster and cheaper for UK / EU customers, and cheaper also for other non-USA / Canada customers due to no USPS mandated parcel tracking. See bottom of page for cost comparisons. Click Here to be taken to my Etsy shop. If you cannot find something you like there, just send me a message and I'll make a special pendulum just for you.

Long Version: Although I make these pendulums in the UK, I send them to the USA so that a shipping company can post them out for me, as most my customers are in the USA.

However! That is obviously far from ideal for UK and EU customers, who might even have to pay import fees. It is also not good for anyone else outside the USA / Canada, such as my Australian customers, as the international shipping rates via USPS are plain extortionate (USPS insist on sending all international orders with tracking...).

So! If you would prefer I post to you from the UK, then please check out my Etsy shop, and if the stock levels there are low or you have something specific in mind, then get in touch via the contact form on this website or message me on Etsy. Here is a link to my Etsy shop - called Findhorn Woodwork, named after a spiritual eco-village called the Findhorn Foundation where I used to live and work. Etsy is a site that allows crafters to create their own online shops and sell to all over the world, I was selling there for 3 years before starting this site. If you want a custom pendulum and need inspiration in choosing the wood / shape of a custom pendulum, you can check out my past sales on Etsy by following the link on the shops main page.

Postage cost comparisons below:

From this site:
Flat international (non-USA / Canada) - £9.50 (€10.75 / Aussie $16.36 / US $12.53)

From Etsy (cost to):
UK - £3.60
EU mainland - €4.52
Australia / New Zealand - A$8.61 / NZ$9.50
Most other places: £4.60

If any of this is unclear, please get it touch with the contact form!!

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