How to use a Pendulum for Dowsing and Healing

How to Use a Pendulum for Dowsing, Divination and Healing

In this article I'm going to go over the basic techniques for pendulum dowsing, and the some of the areas in which these techniques could be helpful for you in your life and spiritual practices. We'll start with.....

How Does Dowsing with a Pendulum Work?

The simplest explanation for the use of the pendulum in dowsing is that we are asking questions of our subconscious mind. The subconscious has access to a much wider range of information than our conscious mind - from perfect access to our memories, to the psychic impressions and communications that never make it through to conscious awareness, to a deeper and smoother connection to our higher selves and wisdom contained therein. When we allow the pendulum to freely swing, we are essentially letting our subconscious mind bypass the filters between it and the conscious mind, and express the answers we are looking for physically and in front of us. Because the pendulum can move with only the slightest of twitches, and because of the way these tiny twitches add up with repeated swings, relatively subtle inputs make for very real results.

Pendulum Dowsing Technique

On to how to use the pendulum then. The simplest way is to hold the pendulum in front of you and ask your subconscious to show you a "yes" answer - while allowing the pendulum to swing however it seems to "want" to swing. You may get it swinging back and forth in a specific direction, or you might find it making a clockwise or anticlockwise circular motion. You can ask for a yes verbally, or inside your own mind. Once you have a stable "yes" answer, then ask to be shown what "no" looks like. After this, it is good to ask for a third, that covers "maybe / unknown / uncertain / ambiguous question". Once you know what these responses look like, then you can start asking the real questions. These could be anything from checking for food intolerances, to asking whether it would be good for your career to accept a job offer.

Another use for pendulums is in healing sessions, where they are especially recommended by the Barbara Brennan school of healers. Here, the pendulum is requested to move while over a certain chakra or area of the energy body. It is used to diagnose the condition of the energy body in that location, checking whether it is in a healthy configuration, or blocked, or out of balance in some other way. Healing is applied with the pendulum still in place, which allows the healer to directly watch the effects of their actions. So for instance, when the chakra is balanced and functioning properly then the swing of the pendulum will change, and the healer will know they can move on to another spot.

More complex methods might involve working with other tools. Dowsing charts are useful when looking for more detailed answers - these charts should ideally show a range from 100% yes to 100% no, passing through 0% in the middle. This allows us to check a whole spectrum of probabilities, which could be useful for instance when divining future events. The charts can also be used to diagnose specific conditions or to request particular numbers. These number are extremely useful in radionics when trying to determine the "rates" to use e.g. in a healing session. The radionics practitioner will set each dial on their board (typically from 0 to 10) until they have every dial set, and can then apply the treatment to the patient or situation.

Finally, there is the subject of map dowsing, where a pendulum is used to locate spots on a map e.g. when looking for missing objects. Lots of techniques exist for this, but a simple example would be to break the map into segments. Ask first whether the thing you are looking for is in the first segment, then if not whether it is in the second, etc etc. When the right area is found, the technique can be repeated to finer and finer levels of resolution.

For more information and more advanced ideas on how to use a pendulum, please check out my pendulum dowsing tips and tricks article! If you want to leave a comment, please do so below - I would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “How to use a Pendulum for Dowsing and Healing

  1. Hi, I would like to use pendulum dowsing to help my wife’s physical problems. I think, firstly, I need to check each chakra and make sure they are open and are able to help bring about the bodies healing mechanism. Is that correct? Secondly have you any more tips to specifically target areas of concern. Eg in the past my wife has had a DVT in her groin which led to poor circulation in her legs, any thoughts on how I can work on this? Kind regards Stuart.

    1. Hi Stuart! With healing, you can break it down into two aspects – knowing what to do, and ability to do it. The former is a mostly a question of practice and natural talent, as you say finding places where the flow of energy is weak, blocked or moving strangely. You can use a pendulum for this, or possibly even develop the ability to see the aura directly. The second factor, healing ability itself, depends on the level of development of the healer, in terms of how much healing energy you are able to generate and project. Which relates to your own level of personal development, how much work you have done on your own energy body, and how strong your connection is with higher self. All of these aspects are important! And it is of course a deep topic, with lots of books written on the subject. Barbara Brennans Hands of Light is excellent but goes into more detail than most people need to begin with, Robert Bruces New Energy Ways is more accessible but focused primarily on developing yourself rather than healing.
      Anyway, cutting through the complexities, if I were you I would focus primarily on developing your ability to generate and send love energy through the hands. This is the most important. Meditate first, pray, and ask for assistance. Treat it as a sacred task, differentiating the healing space in your mind from normal day to day activities. The more you do it, the more practice you will get and the better at it you will become. You can add in a pendulum to find specific spots to apply yourself to, you will get better at this over time and it will increase your effectiveness, but it sounds like you already have specific issues and body areas to work with. Oh I would also recommend your wife do some energy work, as part of a holistic approach of course! Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Rob, Thanks for the uncomplicated explanation to my query. All too often people with skills, knowledge and know-how write convoluted explanations to questions. Yours was perfect.
        Could you tell me a little bit more in practical terms about my wife doing some energy work? Not an area I am familiar with. Regards Stuart.

        1. You are welcome, happy to help! Best advice I can give is to check out Bruces work – his book Energy Work is the best out there IMO, or here is a “slimmed down” article he wrote before doing the book:
          NEW Energy Ways
          It doesn’t contain affirmations etc, which his later work focuses more on, but it’s still very good. He has a youtube series also. Aside, I also think affirmations are one of the best ways to affect real change, although you may need to put a lot of time and effort in to see effects. Here is Bruce again:
          Hope this helps!

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