Beechwood Pendulums for Brennan Students and Healing Practitioners

Beechwood Pendulums

I make these pendulums with two different "pear shapes" of 1" x 1.5" dimensions for Brennen healers - either of which is suitable for sensing the energy body while doing healing work. I recommend going with whatever feels best to you! All pendulums on this page also come with a gold colored "tree of life" chain end, which is attached to the end of the chain, looks nice and makes it easier to hold.

Please Note! All pendulums on this site are posted from Texas USA! If you are not in the USA or Canada then please read this page for a much better option.

1" x 1.5" Pear Shaped and Silk String Beechwood Pendulums

Hand Made

Made in England
Posts from Texas US

Guaranteed Perfect

Finished to the highest quality
Full refund if you don't agree

100% Natural Finish

High gloss natural wax and shellac
No plastics, no varnishes, no glues

"The best way I have found to start sensing the state of the chakras is to use a pendulum. The device helps increase your sensitivities to the energy flow because it acts as an amplifier. The best pendulums I have found for this purpose are made of beechwood and are pear shaped. They are one inch in diameter and one and a half inches long. Their energy field is diffused, easily permeated..."
- Barbara Brennan, from her book "Hands of Light"

Since I am an absolute perfectionist, these pendulums are guaranteed perfect with no sanding or tooling marks and an impeccable finish. That means that if you buy one and don't agree, I'll refund you and you can keep the pendulum - no questions asked. In the 4 years I have been selling these shapes I have never had a single refund or complaint, only very happy customers. Just check my Etsy Shop Feedback if you don't believe me!

Update 5th February:

Out of stock of my standard beech pendulums, sorry! Please check back in a days or so, or if you want to place an order now, please go to my Etsy shop at Findhorn Woodwork. If you are in the USA and order through Etsy, I will put the order on hold until the stock I sent to Texas is ready, and then my shipping company will send it out to you. Apologies again for any inconvenience!

Budget 1" x 1.5" Pear Shaped Beechwood Pendulums

These pendulums may contain some slight sanding or tooling marks and more shape variation than the Classic Shapes - nothing too severe and most people probably wont even notice, but I prefer to be honest! See pictures in the product pages for examples and more detail. Budget pendulums were turned by my friend Anand and his father just outside the spiritual village of Auroville in India, then brought back to the UK where I did final sanding, checking, and finishing with all natural tung oil. I came across Anand somewhat synchronistically while traveling in India in early 2017 and visiting Auroville - an incredible community, I highly recommend people check it out!

Unique Beechwood Pendulums

Individually photographed pendulums made from beech and spalted beech. You will receive the exact pendulum in the picture!

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I have pendulums made from many other woods as well!
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All pendulums on this site are made in the UK but posted from Texas USA.

If you not from the USA or Canada then please check out this page where you can see how to order pendulums direct from the UK!