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Rob in the his workshopWelcome to my new shop, Perfect Pendulums! I have just moved here from Etsy, where I was selling wooden pendulums under the name of Findhorn Woodwork for 3 years to spiritual seekers all over the world. I am a woodturner living in Eastbourne UK, with a love for making things and a passion for the spiritual side of life. I love discovering new woods and revealing the shapes that hide inside of woods, and hope you enjoy looking at and perhaps using the pendulums on this site as much as I enjoyed making them. On the left you will see a picture of me in the corner of my little workshop, roughing down a piece of beech at the start of the creation process.

On this site you will find a variety of different wooden pendulums, starting with a large range in beechwood for students of the Barbara Brennan school of healing. In the "other woods" section you will find a wide variety of local and exotic woods. I cannot say exactly what will be online at the time of your reading this, but the local woods I work with include oak, ash, elm, yew (in a couple of different styles), lilac, laburnum, gorse and walnut. More exotic woods include olive, bocote, brazilwood, african blackwood, ebano, rosewood, zebrawood, paduak and wenge. I am an absolute perfectionist, so you can be sure that if you buy anything that I made on this site, it will be of the highest possible quality. If you don't see anything you like but have an idea in your head, then please get in touch on the contact page and let me know - I am always happy to make custom pendulums for customers!

Payment in cryptocurrencies are welcome! My shop is supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash.

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